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June 27, 2017

Meet Our Career Coach!

My name is Nicole and I live to help others succeed in all areas of their professional growth and development. I help build roadmaps, navigate hills and valleys, and guide those I work with towards the professional goals that individuals dream about—and deserve.

I have been in the field long enough to know that one size does not fit all and that a personal touch, with a sense of humor & warmth, goes a long way and all those I work in both clients day-to-day and ongoing interactions with me.

“Thank you so much for spending time with me last week to go over these resume and job search things. For the first time in months — years? — I’m encouraged that something might happen soon. Thanks for all you do for me!”
– Edward Mestas Jr.

Back Then

Like Jason, I didn’t come from a world of means. I started working at 14 years old to support a household income that wasn’t enough to support one, never mind four. For all intents and purposes, my mom would oscillate back and forth between a single mom and a wife and did take the time or energy to invest in my growth and development as a student, person, or professional.

Coming from where I did, I learnt the value of support, success, and strength, and I frame my entire life, professional and personal, around those values. I learnt that I’m only as connected to the world as I choose to be and that I have had to work harder, smarter, and faster than your average person to achieve the lofty goals I set for myself at the age of 14.

I was never a part of the in-crowd, which at the time caused me great chagrin, but as I grew older, I realized my differences were foundational to my success and strengths. The relationships I built on the borders with the unique, forward-thinking people that I did shaped who I am. I met and conversed with political leaders, activists, and the movers & shakers of my generation when it came to the arts, activism, and personal growth. It was through that experience that I found meaning in my life and it drove me to instil the same kind of opportunity for meaning in other people’s lives.

When I turned 18, after 4 years of working as much as was legally allowable for a minor, I bought my first car, moved out, and moved on from the life that I knew. I entered school with the intention of being a social worker, but discovered the kind of change I wanted to enact in the world was simply not possible in that framework. So, I began shaping my academic and professional growth around the importance of communication on both the micro and macro level. I wrote many papers, conducted much research, and linked with professionals that embodied the content and application of the work that interested me, and I built relationships that would ultimately lead me from the University of Manitoba to the University of Colorado.

As I worked towards my masters degree, I again found myself in a position of working too many hours, with too many courses, too often—but I didn’t know any other way of life, so I never let that hold me back. Where others would earn B’s with that workload, I earned A’s—there were no second chances for me, no fallback plan, no family—nothing—that was going to catch me if I stumbled, or worse, fell. While my academics were important to me, I invested as much attention and energy into my instructing and volunteer work as it was the connections in those relationships that pushed me forward, and helped me up, as I worked my way through school. While initially PhD bound, the sense of giving and compassion that I embodied during my teaching and volunteering led me into the professional realm instead of the classroom.


Connect with Nicole

“You are awesome! I must thank you for all of your help, positivity, and encouragement throughout the process, which led me to this point. You are a wonderful person, and came into my life at a crucial point. I was stuck on a bridge, and you helped me cross that bridge. Thank you so much! Life is good.”
– Sean King

Moving Forward

When I moved into my first, official career coach position, I was hungry—starving to make a difference, put my skills into action, and to prove that I was worth the investment my company saw in me. I excelled in my role and went on to employ, train, resume-write, and coach to a level my employer had never seen before. I was promoted to lead instructor & coach for our trickiest clients and lived every day to see success in all those I worked with.

I moved into another coaching position where I worked with many dislocated workers, professionals needing to transition fields, and higher-level executives that needed guidance, or a change of pace, in their job search process. My work ultimately led to me being chosen to work on an exclusive grant that was partnered with the state and I exceeded both enrollment & compensation goals by over 20%. In the span of 6 months, I had saved the state almost a quarter million dollars. I was meant for this work, and nothing was going to ever stop me from striving and achieving excellence.

“YOU are AWESOME! Thank you so much for all of your great help and support. I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement these past few months. It has been just what I needed! You are much appreciated.”
– Mark Entrekin, MA, ACB, ALB


I came to Sound Advice to take the skills I learnt, apply them to situations new and known, and to grow under the mentorship of someone with so much experience and knowledge of the industry. My expertise has only expanded and further developed by what I have learnt and done with the company. Jason and I hold the same values when it comes helping others build meaning in their relationships, professional life, and personal growth. Every day, I have the fortune of working with amazing people, doing amazing things, going amazing places and, for that, I love coming into work, doing what I do, and feeling truly alive. I live for this work and can’t imagine any other way of life and, for that, I am truly grateful.

Here, now, today, I want to hear your success, your struggles, and the steps you want to take towards your future. I want to be your guide, a support, and a motivator while you move towards your ultimate end goal. I never want you to feel the struggles I did as I progressed towards my professional path, so come connect with me so we can learn, laugh, and change for the better together.

To read more about Nicole’s experience and recommendations, check out her LinkedIn profile.

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